San Diego Half Marathon Finishers


"Every participant battles the mind and body at some point"

Well, as predicted, this year's San Diego Half Marathon and 5K race was well managed and great to participate in. I want to thank Aaron Hains and Mark Chalifoux for representing Team Mental Rescue at this year’s race and wearing our green compression socks with pride. Including myself, Mark, and Aaron, we made up 3 of the 30 Canadian racers of the 7000 total participants in this year’s half marathon. Sadly, Aaron was injured but jumped into the race to help pace Mark through the last few miles. This was Mark’s first half marathon and he made his goal of under 2 hrs, well done Mark!

As for myself, I was pleased that I completed my first half marathon since my knee surgery and back injury. This, like all races, is more of a mental battle than a physical battle and for myself this played true once again. Perhaps it’s that mental battle that keeps myself and others signing up for more and more races and challenging yourself for longer or faster times. Challenging and pushing your limits in any capacity is tough business but the reward is well worth it. To see the winner cross the finish line at 1hr 6min and see the very last racer being carried by two other members finish at 3hr 30min really shows the vast level of determination. Every participant battles the mind and body at some point in the run for the same and many different reasons.

Many thanks to the San Diego volunteers who support and do so much for the race and runners. Run your heart out! Tire your body! Challenge your mind! Push your limits! But leave it all out there…let all the negative thoughts drip off you like beads of sweat and be proud!

We are so proud of these ambassadors that traveled down to San Diego to live out and accomplish such an incredible goal. Congratulations on attaining the elusive finishers medal and helping us build the awareness on Mental Health. Your green compression socks Im sure were a big hit and we thank you for joining our team. We look forward to hearing what you have planned this year in the race season and encourage you to continue wearing green. You will truly inspire others to build healthy minds through keeping active. Our hats go off to you!!!   

Paul SemeniukComment