Pet Therapy - Zoe's Animal Rescue

Animals can improve your mental health? Say what!! It's true!!! How might you ask? Firstly animals help to get us outside where we get fresh air, vitamin d from the sunshine and of course exercise! Exercise helps us increase our fitness, reduces blood pressure, increases circulation, decreases risk of cardiac disease and increases self esteem as we get stronger! When our bodies feel stronger we are less susceptible to mental health issues.

Did you know that something as simple as petting your dog or cat actually helps improve your mental state? As you connect with your pet your body releases oxytocin that helps combat anxiety and depression! 

Pets can help us feel less alone and are great listeners! Engaging with your pet helps you to be present which is a huge part of mindfulness. They can help you to get out of the house even on the worst days and give you a sense of purpose. They are always happy to see you and it's hard to not smile when you have a dog licking your face or a cat pawing at your toes. They love you unconditionally and that is a special thing! You can adopt an animal in need at Zoes animal rescue society and not only improve the life of a very deserving pet, but you can improve your mental health too!!! 

Maybe adopting isn't in the cards right now, but don't fret there are other ways to get involved!
1. Volunteer
2. Foster
3. Sponsor an animal
4. Spread the word about rescue as well as the Benefits of animals on our mental health!

Click the image above to find out more information about this great organization and the animals waiting to meet you!!!

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