Team Mental Rescue Is At It Again

The 4th Annual Mammoth Half Marathon carries runners over a breathtaking, scenic course through California’s picturesque High Sierra mountains and the Inyo National Forest. The route starts nearly 9,000 ft above sea level at Horseshoe Lake and finishes in downtown Mammoth Lakes (~7,800 ft). Since their inaugural race in 2013, they have added a scenic loop around Lake Mary and brand-new Waterford bridge, making their world-class course even better!

Team Mental Rescue was there and they did not disappoint. Co-founder, Rob Schwabenbauer and his lovely wife Carrie, battled the scenic course and both finished respectfully holding hands across the finish line. Rob and Carrie set out to run this race in honour of Rob's father who sadly passed away last year and Carrie's father who died too young when Carrie was a little girl.

"I'm very proud that my wife Carrie, she finished this tough race with me and moreover, she completed her very first half marathon. This race meant a lot to us as it was not only my 40th birthday today but also Father's Day." - Rob

We are proud to say that our compression sleeves graced another beautiful event. The race organization and staff of Mammoth Lakes Half Marathon were right when they said the scenery will lose you in your quest to run 13.1 miles. Rob and Carrie took the bus up 9000 feet to the start line where they reflected on what to expect during the run on the way down. The smell of campfires and breakfasts being cooked distracted them the first few miles but after that it was very obvious that the steep downhill descent was not going to be easy. Sometimes you need to pull yourself away from the task at hand and just appreciate the beauty of your surroundings to surge ahead. These two ambassadors of Team Mental Rescue did just that. They embraced the views and conversation with each other to push through and achieve a goal they set out for months ago. Many people along the way had questions about the green coloured sleeves and what they stood for. They passed time by explaining their involvement with the society and listening to others share their stories.

"It just goes to show that no matter where you go in the world someone has a story to share and this is what keeps Mental Rescue Society going." - Carrie

Training for such events can seem long and daunting. Many hours and many miles ran to condition the body to be able to run for 13.1 miles can feel like a never ending task. But the amount of joy you feel when crossing the finish line puts it all into perspective. We are so very proud of Rob and Carrie setting out on this journey together and accomplishing a milestone in their lives. They will forever have this event in their minds when they reflect on Fathers Day in the future.

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