We All Believe In You Event Success

We All Believe In You is a movement that is sweeping the town. Created by Blake Loates, a local photographer that has battled depression for most of her life. Her aim is de-stigmatize and  de-mystify mental illness. 

My project is not a project. To say something is a project is to say that there is an end in sight. There is no end in sight for what i am planning.

Well I'm proud to say that she hit the mark last night with her collection of photos on display at the Edmonton Art Gallery. The moment you walk in, you are greeted by a flood of more than 400 guests all there in support of participants in the photos and in support of Blake her self. Food and drinks were served as you walked the room and read many of the heart warming stories attached to each photograph. Blake did an amazing job bringing light to mental illness. She put a face to many stories that would have gone untold if not for the courage displayed by those she photographed. The venue was excellent which lent to the infectious atmosphere of guests mingling and expressing thoughts for each display.

The night could not have been complete without the many gracious companies donating a wide range of silent auction items. There were paintings, jewelry, clothing and even a bike up for bid. All the money raised was going to support some of the programs that the Canadian Mental Health Association has created.  

The dialogue that she wants to create with his movement has surely begun. During one moment in the night Blake took to the microphone and expressed her deepest gratitude for everyone that was able to come and even for those that could not. Kleenex would have made a mint during this short speech, as she described why she felt the need to create this movement and how her life has changed for the better by meeting so many incredible new friends. Everyone of the participants on display last night showed strength by telling their stories and ultimately created the dialogue Blake was set out to achieve. 

For more information as to the We All Believe In You movement, or how to contact Blake to participate in a session for print, visit: www.weallbelieveinyou.com

Congratulations Blake on such an incredible journey this has been. You must be proud to see it finally all come together. With open arms we thank you for creating this movement and look forward to seeing all the places it can go. If one thing is for certain based on the event last night, "We all believe in YOU!"