First Responder PTSD Support YEG Update

Well April 1st came and went, for all those who have been following Lachelle and her quest to build awareness for First Responders PTSD. Here are the results to an incredible campaign we are all so proud to be apart of.

It all begins at around 12:30pm on April 1st. Lachelle, visibly excited and nervous at the same time, arrives at the Salon, Studio 107 in St. Albert, where her friend Rebecca works. She is met with open arms from all the incredible staff that have been following along with her journey. First, we'd like to thank Studio 107 for their generous hospitality. We felt very welcomed in their salon, being pampered with fresh coffee and great tunes, only to find out thats how they treat all their guests. Well done!

After engaging in deep meaningful conversation with guests awaiting their turn, it was time... Lachelle crossed the point of no return and was seated in the chair, robe draped around her shoulders and the cutting began. 

Now lets take a minute to reflect of some of the things Lachelle may have been thinking at this very moment. She has had her hair long for most of her life with the most being cut at any one moment is about an inch. I've been told that there is a sort of an attachment to the hair and that cutting it would be like losing apart of themselves. For those that know Lachelle personally, this campaign came as a bit of a shock, to hear that she was going to remove such a telling feature. True courage was displayed there that day as Lachelle went from long to short.                                                            



Now lets put something else into perspective, Lachelle was in great hands. Not only did she trust her friend Rebecca's judgement on all the cool styles but she trusted her to do the one thing no one has ever done in a very long time. Cut more than an inch!

For information on booking with Rebecca, go to or call 780.458.0107

Rebeca has been a stylist with Studio 107 since 2011.  As a professional, Rebeca takes pride in staying up to date with the forefront of the industry; she is committed to taking cutting edge colour and cutting classes so she can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted. From trendy to classic looks, she brings a unique flair to all her work – ensuring that every client she meets has a look suited to their needs, while maintaining the integrity of one’s hair.  With endless creativity, inspiration and motivation she can consistently deliver to high standards.  She also represented Studio 107 at an industry leading hairdressing school in New York City, in June 2015 for advanced cutting and styling.

Lachelle is graciously donating her cut hair to Locks of Love. Which by the way is an excellent idea. Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under the age of 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. Check them out and see how you too can help. Got to have some hair to cut first though and ask Lachelle, Its not that easy!

Well Lachelle our hats off to you. Your courage and willingness to act on such an important topic within our community will truly inspire others. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is real and it affects many people from all walks of life. We thank you for bringing much needed attention to this illness and we hope that people reading this can show empathy to those that suffer and help build a language full of encouragement and free of stigma.

       Rebecca created an incredible new look. Congratulations on such a successful campaign.

       Rebecca created an incredible new look. Congratulations on such a successful campaign.

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