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We All Believe In You

We All Believe in You is a rapidly growing movement developed to de-stigmatize and  de-mystify mental illness. WABIY serves to put a face to a typically faceless struggle as many live in the shame and anonymity of their disease. It is the goal of WABIY to use art, honesty, education, and community  to abolish pre-existing ideas and beliefs about mental illness. And above all, for those that are struggling with mental illness to know that they are not alone and We All Believe in You. 

This coming Monday, May 2, there will be an event that will shape how we "see" mental health. The perfect kick off for Mental Health Week in partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Blake Loates is a talented local photographer and founder of We All Believe In You. She was diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder when she was just 14 years old, and from this dreamt of a way to combine her talents with her desire to bring mental health illness out of the shadows.

For Blake, this dream is coming to a reality. She, along with many friends and supporter will be hosting an exhibit showcasing both her talents as a photographer and that of a visionary. 

My project is not a project. To say something is a project is to say that there is an end in sight. There is no end in sight for what i am planning. I want people to start having an honest and real dialogue about mental health. More then that I want people who are struggling with mental health issues to know that they are not alone and more importantly that we believe in you.

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Later Event: May 7
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